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As I see, nowadays the developers prefers fastest answers than exhausting https://deveducation.com/ search. Python’s documentation is no worst than javascript or php.

I also would like to see trends in terms of Python 2 versus 3, I feel the latter is finally picking up. I hate to say it but that last sentence is about the dumbest comment on Python in the planet.

How Your Tech Stack Can Attract Top Developers

In September 2018 a new project funded by FEMtech (FFG) started. To make Pocket Code more interesting and attractive for our target group of young women between 12 and 15 years https://itstep.org/ old, we will extend the app with the option to program embroidery machines. In this way, self-created patterns and designs can be stitched on t-shirts, pants or even bags.

For example I see plenty of times posts about php symfony, doctrine and so on without the “php” tag. I tend to agree with the “simple but unintuitive” statement, although I’m looking from a non-beginner perspective here.

Anyway who reads the docs when you have stackoverflow. The number of StackOverflow questions on Python seems likely to have to do with the quality of Python documentation, which ranges from sketchy to poor. StackOverflow is where a search winds up when answers can’t be found elsewhere. It have a community and design focus towards good documentation.

That would only explain the steady increase if you assume the Python documentation gets worse and worse each month. I still love it but beginning to learning Scala nowadays. It won’t replace Python языки программирования 2019 anytime soon but a nice complement Python for speed & multi threading issues. Scala is great, but not quite as fun or easy as Python. This is my 20th year anniversary of taking up Python!

Anyway, I do like Stack Overflow’s statistics, I just don’t base my career decisions on just that data set. An interesting analysis, but one problem with statistical analysis is assigning a causation to a correlation.

Understanding of Greenlets, Gevent, uvloop Cython etc. could prevent headache in future. It would be interesting to get some data from your Careers site on the last few years and how many jobs were posted per year for each of these very popular technologies. The only thing StackOverflow языки программирования 2019 question counts indicate directly is that Python is the fastest growing cause of programmers’ headaches, which is entirely expected of this monstrosity. Quite interesting job, but is there any correlation to percentage of post that do not include language name?

  • Substantially there are two widespread blockchain architectures on top of which smart contracts are built to date — UTxO-based and account-based blockchains that allow stateless and stateful smart contracts respectively.
  • Surely this paper is not the only one surveying smart contract programming languages, and we are aware of a couple of similar works.
  • In this section, we review a few protocol details that influence further development of languages.
  • Another work gives an overview of some distributed ledger systems, smart contracts languages, and technologies that might facilitate safety and performance, or make new applications possible.

The causation assumption is because of the number of users. However, there are other potential causation theories, such as lack of documentation, inexperience of users/viewers, source of viewership (e.g. students versus professionals), языки программирования 2019 etc. Additionally, the fact that most popular machine learning libraries are written in Python may also cause more people to use Python. Btw, achieving decent concurrency in python is quite straightforward.

Language Design: Oop Or Not Oop Or Better Oop

During this time, they received real time online mentoring by students from TU Graz. The girls called a mentor and shared their screen with them to show their scripts and ask for advice.

The project will be realized together with “bits4kids” and the Styrian fashion shop “Apflbutzn”. RemoteMentor is an one-year project funded by Austrian языки программирования 2019 Internet Foundation NetIdee. In this project, female students between 14 to15 years used our app Pocket Code during their computing and arts lesson.

Python is for the solvers not the the elite few like others. I think this is more a cultural thing more than the quality of the documentation.

So, I asked most dumbest Q in the planet on earliest threads. It’s a great community of experts & just attempted to be helpful.

Pocket Code allows you to create your own games, animations, interactive music videos, and many kind of other apps, directly on your phone or tablet. Some of the information will be displayed in russian language. In the last few weeks, I was reading about Python history and got shocked to know that big companies like Netflix, IBM, and Dropbox uses Python. In last few weeks, I was reading about Python history and got shocked to know that big companies like Netflix, IBM and Dropbox uses Python.

So bad nobody in company pushes me to Python so I stay in R with comfortably. I learnt C++ and Python and wanted to take both of them at proficient level but I was confused for which one should i pick first. The timeseries are correlated – for example, the author explains that java is heavily taught in undergraduate courses, causing peaks in its share of views during the fall and spring college semesters. If you look at javascript, it dips when java rises and rises when java dips.

It’d be interesting to collect information to find out how many ongoing with python from prototype to manufacturing. Python would definitely help build MVP, when in creation in which real concurrency things; quite few like Instagram https://deveducation.com/blog/kakoj-yazyk-programmirovaniya-vybrat-dlya-starta/ have constructed solid python established architectures. I’d love to see what sort of tags within Python are seeing the most visits/growth. I’m betting that there’s a lot of pandas and other scientific Python driving these visits.